Sensual Rumba Fall 2013
Rumba | AU In Motion Showcase 2012

Hi! Welcome to Ballroom Bombshell! This is my online journal where I will be blogging all about my formal ballroom training in order to become a competitive dancer.

The photo to the left is how I started — as a freshman at American University in 2011, I auditioned for an International Samba routine as part of the AU In Motion dance club. The choreographer became one of my best friends and I was invited back for year two, where I performed in a rumba/cha-cha fusion routine.


The header photo of my blog (pictured to the right of this paragraph as well) is from the April 2017 showcase, where I performed an

Waltz | April Showcase 2017

American Waltz with my amazing teacher, Spikey Blonde. I have come a long way from my novice days at AU, but if it wasn’t for those days, I would never have discovered my true passion in life — ballroom dancing.

Thanks for reading! If you like my blog, or ballroom dancing, or if you have any requests on what you’d like to see, please comment or Ask Me (To Dance)!